Install solar power

Solar panel installations cost $50,000 and up. Did you know your property can gain significant value through leasing solar power? Did you know that you can install solar power in your home or business for no money and save money on your energy bills every month? If you are located in one of at least ten states you are only steps away from significant energy savings.

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Electricity rates have gone up 67% since 1999 [1]. Given the current economic and political status of the world, rates will likely continue to climb. By leasing solar power from Sunded, you are guaranteed to pay less than electric company rates, for 20 years. Even during the summer months, as energy bills rise, solar panels cool your building, requiring less total energy expenditure [2].

As electricity rates continue to rise, you will continue to save!


Buildings with solar power are worth more, sell faster and -- unlike installing a bathroom or kitchen -- solar power installations recover 100% of the cost of their installation cost[3]. There is great admiration to those who can be energy independent. How would you feel if all the energy to power your home or business came from your roof?


Solar panels make up for their environmental costs of building them as fast as two years, in some places even less. The panels will last for 30 to 50 years! During this time you will be creating clean and local energy from the sun.

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