Frequently Asked Questions

Why Solar Power?

Whenever a certain technology appears poised to take over an industry, it is important to be involved at the tipping point. Already, solar power is beyond "emerging technologies" - it is an old, and proven technology. The usage of solar power is increasing - the amount of solar power generation technology installed is predicted to triple in 2011. The reality of solar power is that it is being used by consumers increasingly every day.

Why is Solar Power a good Investment?

In the right places, solar panels pay for their installation with the electricity they make in less than three years. If you own a solar power system it will start generating income for you the first day it turns on, and will keep generating value for you for at least 30 more years, a claim we guarantee with our manufacturer's warranty.

How does Sunded invest in solar power?

Our investment strategy utilizes two key concepts: micro-finance, and distributed energy. Peer to peer micro-finance lets many individuals each invest a small amount of money into a large project. This type of financing limits your risk on any individual project, yet still lets you benefit from the financial benefit of said project. Distributed energy is the concept of many small energy sources feeding our power grid, instead of large centralized sources of energy. The idea is similar to owning your own car versus taking the train - if the train stops, everyone is stuck but if a single car stops, only a small amount of traffic is hurt.

Small amounts of money from lots of people add up to a lot. Small amounts of electricity from lots of people add up to a lot. Sunded has chosen to mix those two ideas. Microfunding for Solar Energy is born.

How do you know it works?

Wells Fargo, recently invested $100 million, for a second time, in a Solar Lease company. Citibank just started leasing $101 million worth of solar panels in eight key states. The International Space Station has solar panels that keeps people living in a place where there is no oil, no natural gas and no coal! Several places in California get 20% of their energy from solar power. Ironically, the oil industry is one of the oldest users of solar power and uses it to search for oil in hard to reach places.

Is it really ‘green’?

In two to four years of making clean energy your Solar Panels will save the environment the amount of carbon dioxide that went from making them. The panels will last at least the 30 years that the manufacturer warranties. A good investment indeed.

Am I safe on this website?

We don’t sell your information. We don’t market to you about other services. We protect your data behind tested security measures managed by seasoned IT security professionals.

How are projects chosen?

We pay close attention to the laws, the price of energy, the credit of the parties where we install. Only those who own their homes and businesses are fit for our services. This requires focusing on states who support Solar Power, locations that have good access to sunlight, building with large enough amounts of space to scale the size of the investment and signing long term contracts selling the energy to the user. While the model does vary slightly based upon location - we believe a disciplined focus is best able to gain the best return.

But isn’t solar expensive?

That’s exactly why we need all of you to invest small amounts at a time. A lot of people have the land or the home for solar, but not the money. A lot of people have money they want to save and invest, but not a house or land. Let’s bring the two together to make it less expensive and more productive.

Does anyone else lease Solar Power?

There are several large companies that lease solar across the country - SunRun, Sungevity and SolarCity. You may find smaller groups that work in your local region - Solar Leasing is a smart investment these days!

Who can Invest?

Right now Sunded is working directly with other Solar Lease companies and select partners. Over time, as the company grows, we look to bring our solar lease model to many more groups.

Who can Install?

Landowners, business owners and home owners in key states that support solar power have the opportunity today.

How do we get started?

You start by registering.

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